September 2010 Newsletter

Greetings I'm Jorden Leonard, Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

We have an exciting month ahead. We are having our first monthly chapter meeting at the SE Lucky Lab from 7-9 pm on Wednesday the 29th. Feel free to bring a friend. This is a good place to be introduced to the Green Party (register them). Suggested $5 donation to help pay for the reservation but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. And come back every last Wednesday same time same place for future meetings.

Check out the proposed agenda and contact me directly for agenda requests or clarifications.

We finally have some bylaws. Check them out here, and see the minutes for the chapter meeting that put them into effect. The ten of us worked hard to get this done for the chapter, they are a short read. Let us know if you have any suggested amendments. Discussion of bylaws is already a big part of the proposed agenda for our upcoming meeting, feel free to also mention possible amendments there.

Our chapter has four candidates on the ballot. Chris Henry, Chris Lugo, Michael Meo, and Chris Extine, if you can make it come to the chapter meeting at the Lucky Lab and see how you can help their campaigns. Our candidates are our future and we need to support them.

Put on your calendar November 6th PGP state convention in Camp Myrtlewood in Coos Bay at 10am.

We are starting up a chapter specific facebook group and fan page. Anyone interested in helping out in administrating and developing please contact me directly.

Our chapter has been canvassing individual donors. Making the fact that we don't accept corporate donations an advantage to getting donations from regular people.

It is a true grassroots effort. And our chapter is resonating with these donors on two of our campaigns above all others Instant Runoff voting (IRV) and Voter-Owned Elections (VOE). We are taking the lead in the IRV fight and are building up our own coalition. Help us with our new IRV facebook fan page that we just started. Like it, so our chapter has more weight when we approach potential allies. And please if anyone is interested in helping out in anyway with these campaigns let me know. Your labor will make a difference. Check here for updates; a big VOE event is planned towards the end of this month.

And now a special request from our Voter-Owned Elections campaign. We are coordinating with the Yes For Portland VOE campaign and have joined their coalition which is very exciting. We are standing shoulder to shoulder with a very diverse group including the League of Women Voters of Portland, Multnomah County Democrats, and Street Roots, to name a few. Look for the Portland Green Party name in the list of endorsing groups on the voter's pamphlet for Measure 26-108. Also, anyone willing to join me volunteering for VOE let me know ASAP. Represent the Greens and meet our allies in this fight. A few hours of work makes a big difference.

Please read our VOE coalition's message below, sign up and watch the two minute accompanying video.

- - -

The Voter-Owned Elections campaign has kicked into high gear. For months, just a handful of organizations carried the banner of the innovative reform program that we first fought for and won in Portland back in 2005. But now the coalition of organizations supporting Voter-Owned Elections is downright impressive.

But it's not just the names of the strong and diverse organizations supporting Voter-Owned Elections that will help us win in November. The names of the everyday Oregonians are the true backbone of this effort.

Voter-Owned Elections allow candidates to run based on community support rather than fundraising ability, and that's something we need now more than ever. So whether you live in Portland and are voting YES on 26-108 this November, or you live in any other part of Oregon and want to see Voter-Owned Elections pass in Portland so that we can build momentum and bring the program to the statewide level next... on the link below and pledge to support fair, open and accountable elections.

And now that you've signed the pledge (no skipping ahead!), treat yourself to this stellar video from the truly awesome campaign kick-off:

Finally, with a small $5 donation you show what Voter-Owned Elections are all about.

Democracy thanks you and we do too,

The Friends of Voter-Owned Elections Team

- - -

Thank you all for your time and I hope to see you on the 29th if not before.