Minutes for 5/23/2012 Participating Members Meeting

Stephen Quirke, SQ (arrived when about to adopt minutes)
Gina Ronning, GR (arrived after agenda adopted)
Imre Ilyes, II
Seth Woolley, SW
Steve Reynolds, SR
Hagan Petersen, HP
Jorden Leonard, JL

Portland Green Party Participating Members Meeting/Work Meeting/Party
5/23 the 4th Weds at the People's Coop Community Room at 3029 SE 21st Avenue from 7-8pm formal/8-9pm open work meeting

Convener: Jorden Leonard
Facilitator: Jorden Leonard or chosen by consensus
Minutes taken by: Jorden Leonard or volunteer

7:00 Introductions, meeting explained (What is modified consensus?)
7:10 Adopt minutes from last meeting
7:15 Adopt agenda for members meeting (must end by 8pm)
7:20 Accept facilitator
7:21 Primary Election review
7:30 Rock The Ballot, update/level of support?
7:50 Seth's campaigns update
8:00 Adjourn members meeting

JL- Reviews the modified consensus process, and member meeting design intent for HP and SR.

JL- Adopt minutes.  Reviews them as no one present read them and only SR was present.

SR- Confirms summarized minutes.

SQ- Arrives and has concerns about minutes though he didn't read them or notice he was emailed them.

All- Agree to postpone discussion of minutes.

All- Agenda adopted with specific commitment to end by 8pm to begin work meeting as the last few meetings the group has allowed the decision making portion to last the full or nearly full two hours.

7:20ish SR accepted as facilitator with understanding that if conflicts arise he will step down given his inexperience.

JL- Reviews primary election, specifically noting the success of Patty for County Commissioner

SQ- Wants it to be clear from the beginning what is important to the group

SW- Reconsider election method and co-endorsements

(Note, response from members was low when doing outreach for participation in our process, but this was expected and the hope is that given the greater importance the Green Party has now shown in local elections, next time participation will be much better.  Assuming we can build upon our success with inclusion and positivity)

JL- Much greater attendance at election endorsement meetings is needed and will address many concerns. (This is a work in progress, building up attendance at regular meetings, giving reasons for members to return month after month.)

JL- Rock the Ballot update.  July 21-22nd.

SR- Quick starter for event. Use $50 political tax credit donation, get an event T-shirt.  Goal is to raise $2,500.

SQ- Questions experience of event organizers

JL- Clarifies that Portland Green Party isn't needed. (Support would be great, but event is happening hosted by another chapter--19thofJune Green Chapter--which is all the support needed for it to be a Green Party event)  JL and SR available for further queries.

SW- Update on campaigns.  Including suing SOS over Green ballot access.  Seth's own campaign to be SOS.  And the voter registration campaign.  SW has hired SQ to manage getting needed voter registrations for the state party.

JL, SW, SQ- Reviews location used for press conference, and how it went.

Past 8pm, after all agenda topics done, after initial attempt to consensus on ending meeting fails, and over SQ objections JL ends meeting.

8:10pmish Work meeting begins

(GR introduces outline for Restorative Justice campaign--campaign was already approved at a previous members meeting)