Minutes for 4/25/2012 Participating Members Meeting

Alex Pio, AP
Stephen Quirke, SQ
T Oliver, TO
Woody Broadnax, WB
Devon Pack, DP
Denise Hall, DH
Evan Zinner, EZ
Jorden Leonard, JL
Steve Reynolds, SR

Portland Green Party Participating Members Meeting/Work Meeting/Party
4/25 the 4th Weds at the People's Coop Community Room at 3029 SE 21st Avenue from 7-8pm formal/8-9pm open work meeting

Convener: Jorden Leonard
Facilitator: Jorden Leonard or chosen by consensus
Minutes taken by: Jorden Leonard or volunteer

7:00 Introductions, meeting explained (What is modified consensus?)
7:10 Adopt minutes from last meeting
7:15 Adopt agenda for members meeting (if all presenters show for meeting likely drop few items and can chat only in second hour instead)
7:20 Accept facilitator
7:21 Earth Day review
7:25 Candidate campaigns check in/voter reg campaign check in
7:35 Consider Endorsement of new economic paradigm-Alex (Alex volunteers to postpone until next meeting)
7:45 Nestle out of gorge-Stephen
7:50 Green president early/mid may visits-Oliver
7:55 Discuss if revote endorsements before May 15th-Stephen
8:00 Adjourn members meeting

9:00 Adjourn open work meeting

Minutes adopted

Agenda adopted

Facilitatotor SQ accepted

JL- Earthday review. Candidates: Patty Burkett volunteered most of the day helping out at the booth.  Amanda Fritz stopped by.  Steve Reynolds stayed for a while and helped.  Eileen Brady came by and discussed environmental concerns with Devon, Stephen, and Seth for an hour.  Seed packets handed out with reg Green link.  Small stack of voters registered Green.

WB- voter reg drive.  The 19th of June event to get the chapter started.  Need $100 aplication fee and million dollar libility insurance to get things started. (update, new date will be July 21-22 for 19th of June chapter event).  Location is empty lot at MLK and Alberta.

AP- concern about 2 days for numbers and cost.

All- brainstorming about bands.

JL- Set meeting time, continue discussion in second hour.

AP- Online petition to say Kate Brown is wrong. (due to be done before Alex leaves for next trip?)

SQ- Courts like to rule that officials have discretion.

SQ- States will likely be overseeing paid staff registering Green, per conversation with Seth

JL- Candidate update.  Everything is going pretty good.  Good connections with everyone except Jeri Williams and Terresa Raiford.  Limited but postive interaction with Jeri.  No real interaction with Terresa.  (update Terresa contacted me)

SR- Talking to multiple parties as part of candidate strategy

JL/SQ- Confirming that we already endorse beyound coal as part of Green Energy campaign

SQ- Introduces Nestle water issue, and asks for endorsment/joining coalition. (JL facilitates for this convo)

JL/SQ Level of commitment could be zero beyond name, like many other groups do.

All- Consensus to join coalition

TO- Jill Stien coming to Portland in mid may

SQ-Mayor race ask for meeting to compare Smith and Brady, and possibly revote then on endorsements before May 15th (AP facilitates for this convo)

WB- concerned with Smith's support for camera's downtown. Need clarification before primary.

SR- After Primary better than before for revote

DP- after Primary better, may have two Greens

Alex- after the Primary. Have a comparison.

T Oliver- when referring to Green candidate, only if registered Green. 10 key principles are important. State party lost 100 voters last month.

JL- Concern stated with having a meeting in a week with no proposed agenda that would be impowered to make decisions for the chapter.

AP- Leaves around 8:35 or 8:40, facilitation passed to SR.

JL-adjourns decision making part of meeting without consensus due to time issue (around 8:45), facilitation break down, and consensus process not being known/implemented.

8:45 member meeting adjourned work meeting begins

8:50 meeting adjourned.