Minutes for 2/21/2012 Participating Members Meeting

Cameron Whitten, CW
Patty Burkett, PB
Seth Woolley, SW
Mark White, MW
Stephen Quirke, SQ
Devon Pack, DP
Jorden Leonard, JL
Imre Ilyes, II
Ryan Middaugh, RM

Portland Green Party Participating Members Meeting/Work Meeting/Party
2/21 (Tuesday this month) at the People's Coop Community Room at 3029 SE 21st Avenue from (6:30 meet and Greet) 7-8pm/8-9pm (endorsement vote instead of work meeting)

Convener: Jorden Leonard
Facilitator: Jorden Leonard or chosen by consensus
Minutes taken by: Jorden Leonard or volunteer

6:30 Meet and greet with candidates

7:00 Introductions, meeting explained (What is modified consensus?)
7:10 Adopt minutes from last meeting
7:15 Adopt agenda for members meeting
7:20 Accept facilitator
7:21 How forum went
7:30 Campaign updates
7:50 Endosements w/vote for local offices using IRV
9:00 Adjourn extended members meeting

Minutes adopted

Facilitator DP accepted

All- Forum feedback and suggestions: good use of hand signals.  Question spokes could be better organized.  Have forum for each race.  Allow questions directly to specific candidate.  Cut off stack at 2-3 questions, and allow follow up questions not just clarifying questions.  Location was good.  Suggested, 4 forums for April one for each race.


Congress 3rd District. Woody Broadnax wins.

Congress 1st District. Steve Reynolds wins.

Mayor. Cameron 1st, Brady 2nd, Smith 3rd, 4th none of below.

City Council 4th Seat. Mark White 1st, Jerri 2nd.

City Council 1st Seat. Terrica Raiford 1st, Amanda Fritz 2nd.

County Commissioner. Patty 1st.