Minutes for 12/28/2011 Participating Members Meeting

John Springer, JS
Dawn Regier, DR
Andrew Torrey, AT
Stephen Quirke, SQ
Erin Madden, EM
Gina Ronning, GR
Jorden Leonard, JL
Sara Monial, SM
Satya Vayu, SV
Seth Woolley, SW

Portland Green Party Participating Members Meeting/Work Meeting/Party
12/28 at the People's Coop Community Room at 3029 SE 21st Avenue from 7-8pm/8-9pm

Convener: Jorden Leonard
Facilitator: Seth Woolley
Minutes taken by: Jorden Leonard

7:00 Introductions, meeting explained (What is modified consensus?)
7:10 Adopt minutes from last meeting
7:15 Adopt agenda for members meeting
7:20 Accept facilitator
7:21 Year in review
7:25 Corp Personhood
7:30 .
7:45 Intro board candidate, election January
8:00 Adjourn members meeting

Minutes adopted
Agenda adopted

Seth Facilitator

SW/JL- Year in review. IRV gets boost from Occupy. VOE 2014 is looking more favorable.

EM- Corp Personhood resolution announcement.  Other details, contact EM.  Greens agree to help whenever needed.

SQ- Talks about community rights, challenging Corps locally with ordinances, contact SQ for more details

JS- Public power important issue.

Cameron mentioned as mayoral candidate.

JL- Filling seats for local candidate forum on the 27th

GR- Introduces herself and speaks about Restorative Justice

JL- asks if we want a Restorative Justice campaign with Gina as lead campaigner.  Contact GR for more details.

All- consensus to start new campaign around restorative justice.

9:00 end work meeting/party.