Minutes for 10/26/2011 Participating Members Meeting

Bill Bold, BB
Anthony Pham, AP
Ami Silkey, AS
Chris Extine, CE
Devon Pack, DP
Jim, J
Jorden Leonard, JL

Portland Green Party Participating Members Meeting/Work Meeting/Party
10/26 at the People's Coop Community Room at 3029 SE 21st Avenue from

Convener: Jorden Leonard
Facilitator: Jorden Leonard or chosen by consensus
Minutes taken by: Jorden Leonard or volunteer

proposed agenda
7:00 Introductions, meeting explained (What is modified consensus?)
7:10 Adopt minutes from last meeting
7:15 Adopt agenda for members meeting
7:20 Accept facilitator
7:21 Introduce any potential board members or Green candidates
7:25 Occupy Portland updates
7:30 Endorsing and campaigning for local candidates
7:45 November state convention
8:00 Adjourn members meeting

Minutes adopted
Agenda adopted

CE- explains board roles

JL- Devon can't be board because worker

AP- Anthony interested in maybe being on board

JL- Updates about Occupy, including IRV and Corp Personhood workgroups.

BB- Query about kind of candidates we want.

CE- Talks about his candidacies.  And is not going to run again, but able to
help with someone else running and figure out what is needed.

JL- three kinds of candidates, can't win candidates that run as
Greens, Democrates that we endorse or cross nominate, and the
candidates that actually have a shot at winning.

BB- work with other parties?

JL- We reach out to other minor parties like Progressive party

End Agenda meeting
Start Work Meeting (Some notes I thought came up after adjourned)
Jefferson Smith, for mayor over Miciah
talk to Miciah about what he thinks of Jeff Smith (update Miciah is
not going to run for Mayor)

JL- Announcement. Pacific Green Nominating Convention 11/19/2011 -
10:00am - 4:30pm at Peace House (for 1st district)

9:00 end work meeting/party.