December 2010 Newsletter

Greetings I'm Jorden Leonard, Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

We had our first member's meeting at the new office space at 333 SE 2nd St.  Despite it being the day before Thanksgiving we had seven people present.  Check out our minutes here for details.  In short we talked about the strategic plan staff is working on, and campaigns that we can focus on in the next few years.

This month's meeting will again be the last Wednesday of the month and again be at our new office.  See the proposed agenda/work meeting schedule here.  It's on the second floor and it's a secure building but there will be someone at the door to let people in for a bit and then after there is a phone outside to call up, just dial 2521.  If you want to skip the meeting business but want to participate, the member's meeting portion is only for the first hour, the second hour on starting at 8pm is the getting your hands dirty portion.  Respectful, but social not formal, the working portion is the productive time and may have multiple groups working on different items.

Nearly the end of the year.  Donate here if you haven't already used up your $50 Oregon political play money.

I've started attending AFSCME's environmental caucus.  This is a fantastic union connection, and they have a good stream of content on their website.  If anyone is interested in attending as my guest let me know, meetings are every second Thursday.

We will be putting a new ad in Craigslist for canvassers and another ad for interns very soon if anyone or anyone you know may be interested, just let me know.

Thank you for your time.