Charter Commission Details

In order to win ranked choice instant runoff voting (IRV) for Portland, we are working with the Charter Review Commission.

This rare commission forms to adjust the city charter. After successfully calling upon supporters of IRV to attend and give testimony at the August public forum the commission formed a committee to consider IRV at their meeting this month.  The Portland Green Party will attend and participate at the new committee meetings.  We've also assisted the City Attorney's office with background on IRV.

The commission appointees are volunteers. The Charter Review Commission has no staff of its own and virtually no budget, yet it is charged with a mighty task. After meeting with city councilwoman Amanda Fritz it is clear that there is a disconnect between city council and the commission.  The previous commission had a budget of $600.000.  This one has virtually nothing and was expected to just deal with basic housekeeping items and prepare for a second commission that would deal with bigger issues.  However, after nine months of meeting the current commission is feeling empowered enough to make an attempt at doing the work of a $600,000 commission without the budget.

They have volunteered vasts amounts of time and are committed to continuing to do so.  The Portland Green Party making a case for IRV may have been the catalyst or it may have just been good timing.  But the commission is now functional with eighteen members attending the September meeting.  Previously at no meeting had the fifteen threshold been reached in attendance.  To get any city charter changes referred to the ballot fifteen of the twenty appointed commissioners need to vote in the affirmative.

The Portland Green Party's case for IRV is the only item being considered that resulted from the commission inviting the public to give input.

The new public forum will take place at City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave, on Monday September 26th from 6 to 8 PM.