April 2011 Newsletter

Greetings I'm Jorden Leonard, Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

This last 30th we had our March member's meeting and open meet and greet.  We introduced a bylaw change to our official name from Portland Metro Pacific Green Party to Portland Green Party instead of it just being an AKA.  We tabled a conversation about weekly Thursday meetings to this month's meeting.  It was a short members meeting lasting less than half an hour.

Following it was a work meeting and meet and greet.  In total we had about twenty-five people show up.  It ended with music, drumming and a bit of dancing.  Campaigners for our three active campaigns were present getting support and making connections.

This month Seth Woolley and myself met with Sandrine BĂ©lier.  She is without exaggeration one of the most powerful green politicians in the world, and we are likely to be the only Green Party representatives she meets with in her visit to the United States.  Here's a pic.  We have Amy Barss from the World Affairs Council to thank for this wonderful opportunity.  She had a lot of good advice to impart and was excited about what we are working on here in Portland.

This Saturday the 23rd we will have a booth at Earthday.  Come on down and see us at the Washington High School (SE 12th & Stark) Field from 10am to 7pm.  We'll be gathering signatures for the Voter Owned Elections Campaign, registering Greens, and handing our seeds for gardens from our seed exchange.  Anyone willing to help out or bring seeds let me know or just drop on by.

Come on down to People's Coop community room on the 27th for our members meeting and meet and greet.  3029 SE 21st Avenue, 7-8 members meeting/8-9 work meeting.  Anyone who is a member of the Coop and is thinking they can make it please let me know.

I'm thinking of working with Oregonians For Renewable Energy Policy.  I'd like us to consider endorsing what they are doing and possible start actively campaigning on the issue.

If you'd like to hear about volunteer opportunities let me know and I'll add you to the volunteer list.  The list should expect two or three messages a month asking for volunteers once things start going regular.

Thank you for your time.