General Meetings

The Portland Green Party (Portland Metro chapter of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon) aren't meeting regularly at the momment.  We can meet in a voice chat room anytime.  We have access to a mummble server and with interest we can have an in person member meeting.

Download and install mumble and connect to

For more information contact Interim Executive Director/Treasurer Seth Woolley at 503-953-3943.  There is also a social event at BiPartisan Cafe at 7901 SE Stark every Thursday at 6:30pm hosted by the Cascadia Chapter of the Pacific Green Party.

Neither Right nor Left, Greens are Forward

The Portland Green Party provides an alternative voice in the political system, to decentralize political and economic power, and to work for peace, justice, basic human equality, self determination, and an ecologically sustainable society. We consider ourselves the electoral wing of the conservation and social justice movement. You can help. We welcome you to become a member, volunteer, or donate.

You can review our member's newsletters on wordpress here.

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Participating in Power

There are six city council members, and others representing the Green Party who are currently elected in Oregon. Greens Richard Hervey and Michael Beilstein are on the Corvallis city council, Mark Camara is in Toledo, Oregon, Kathleen Fitzpatrick is in Mosier, Eric Navickas is seated in Ashland, and James Nicita is a city commissioner for Oregon City. Other elected Oregon Greens include John Jones, a Green board member for the Myrtle Point Health District, and Matt Donohue on the school board for Corvallis. 

We have members throughout the Portland neighborhood associations and working in nonprofit advocacy.  Local candidates frequently seek our endorsement or cross-nomination for local office.  We lobby the state legislature and committees, as well as attend hearings and community meetings. We contact more than a thousand people each month, in person or over the phone, to win implementation of Instant Runoff Voting in Oregon.